Cerro El Pital

The “Cerro El Pital” is one of the most visited places in the Salvador. Also, it’s one of the most important mountains in the department of Chalatenango, because is the highest mountain in the area, in fact, it has an elevation of 2,730 feet above sea level.
This place has a fresh cold climate and rainforest trees like pine, oak, and cypress.
Note: For details, also refer to the following article in spanishConociendo el Cerro El Pital
Cerro El Pital


The top of this hill is called “Wye” and is one of the best tourist attractions because is located in a bilocal place, more specifically on the frontier of the Salvador and Honduras.

El Pital” is perfect for people who like the cold weather, also is one of the best places for the campers, because the highest place for camping is located at 2700 meters, specifically between the two peaks of the mountain, what forms a wind corridor.

In this sector of the mountain, the temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius and it’s common that rains at any time of the year.

Also, in this hill, many people come wanting to practice eco-tourism as camping, wildlife watching and hiking of the different roads.

You can also climb the “Peña Rajada”, a viewpoint located on a huge rock where you can observe the “San Ignacio” and “La Palma” (parts of Honduras and Guatemala), as well as other areas in the east of the Salvador.

How to get…

From the “San Salvador”, drive to “Carretera Troncal Del Norte” (CA-4) by the Municipality of San Ignacio, Chalatenango, and then, go to the “Canton Rio Chiquito”.

Then, after a journey of about 12 miles, to get to “Rio Chiquito”, turn left and keep driving 3 miles to reach “El Pital”. It’s a long travel, so you will need four good wheels (4×4)  in this way you will drive without  unnecessary risks.

-Take this information into consideration:

  • Admission to El Pital costs $ 3.00.
  • The driveway costs $ 2.00.
  • For camping, the cost is generally $ 4.00 and $ 4.00 for parking.
  • The prices of accommodation in the cabins are:
  • For 12 people: $ 125.00 • For 10 people: $ 120.00 • For 2 people: $ 35.00

For more information, call to the followings telephones: (503) 2313-5470 and (503) 7789-2493.

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