The day snow fell in El Salvador

El Salvador is located near the Ecuador of the earth, because of that we have a tropical climate and snow free. But on record of an event of this kind that many unknown or can not yet believe it. This happened on the hill Pital, the highest point in El Salvador.

Cerro El Pital is one of the most visited tourist places in Chalatenango, is located in the municipality of San Ignacio and a height of 2730 meters, because it has a rather cold climate with an average temperature of 12-14 degrees. It has an area called the little lawn, where tourists can camp and enjoy the weather and a cold, frosty night.

The day snow fell in El Salvador

It is common in this place rain at any time of year. But on Saturday April 10, 2004 there was an unusual storm that surprised tourists and even the locals themselves.

That day had dawned sunny, but in the afternoon the fog began to rise and the temperature dropped considerably until it started raining. The water lasted a few minutes, then drops turned into hail. The hail lasted about an hour, this was sufficient to form a layer of white frost at least about four inches, giving a snow.

After the storm, hikers camped the evening of that day, had the opportunity to enjoy this strange event and went out to see and play with the snow. The slopes of Cerro El Pital as rarely wore a white color which became a spectacle for many. This phenomenon also occurred in other nearby hills in uptown as Cayaguanca and Miramundo. The ice reached to melt until the next day.
But this fact, climate condition, negatively affected the harvests of fruits and vegetables that are made in the upper area of ​​San Ignacio. Producers had losses. And made ​​it known that hail storms are common in the winter time in the area, but the storm of that day was unusual and never before seen. For those who do not believe yet, this story appeared in leading newspapers of the Savior.

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