The festival of the hammocks

The village of “Conception Quezaltepeque” has a tradition that is celebrated every year, between the first and second weekend of November, it is “The Festival of the Hammocks”.

The handicraft production and marketing has become one of the most diverse and productive activities of the entire department of Chalatenango. But one of the more pleasant and always had notoriety in many Salvadoran families and outside our borders, are the colorful and comfortable hammocks. To honor such a pleasure craft, the municipality of Concepcion Quezaltepeque celebrates its traditional Festival Hammocks.

The festival of the hammocks

In the village crafts and hammocks are made for more than 130 years. The fact publicize the work and products made to market made a group of artisans supported by Monsignor Eduardo Alas had an initiative to organize a fair where they could exhibit their work. The hammocks festival first held the November 1, 1989 and since then has been held every year, benefiting many families in the municipality through the promotion and sale of their crafts.

This event is held under the coordination of the mayor, the house of culture, the Immaculate Conception parish of Concepción Quezaltepeque and artisans, who have their craft workshops, both in urban and rural areas, which give life the main streets of town with picturesque colors of their technical creaciones.La making crafts is typical of the municipality and has been promoted for decades, inherited from generation to generation. The methods used in the preparation of the same range, from the most rustic, which is anchored to trees or poles along the streets or backyards materials to use, to traditional pedal or cárcola workshops. About 60% of the population is engaged in making handicrafts. The products are currently manufactured in the municipality are marketed on a local, national and performing some orders of foreign countries.

Those who want to enjoy a good rest will find a wide variety of beautiful and refreshing hammocks in wide range of colors, sizes and shapes, made with quality materials. Hammocks are the product that buyers want in Concepcion Quezaltepeque, because it decided to be called the Festival of the hammocks.

The range of materials used to make them is not very varied, but some of the raw materials used are maguey fiber (pita), and silk. Also incorporated other materials such as nylon, and other synthetic products, which over time have contributed to the creativity of artisans to expand the variety of shapes, styles and colors, hammocks acquire. If the work is continuous, a craftsman can make a hammock in about eight hours, if not, can take two to three days to develop a hammock. Prices vary depending on the materials used and the size, but are found from about $ 15.


A part of the hammocks can also find other crafts made locally as: Purses, handbags, backpacks, embroidered clothing, hammock chairs, baby carriers, articles made of leather, silk items, hats, quilts, nose bag, cast nets, ties, clay crafts, wood, and bamboo, bracelets, necklaces and jewelry.
Among other activities that take place in this event are the election and coronation of the festival queen, artistic and cultural presentations, including dance groups and theater. And in recent years the festival has hammocks added a Food Festival where you can enjoy traditional sweets and snacks, corn atole, tamales, riguas, corn nuts, cakes, tacos, among others. Also provides information about tourist attractions are there in the town, in order to attract more tourism to the area.

The village is surrounded by mountains and has a pleasant climate, is located 76 kilometers from San Salvador. To get there, can address the Route 126 in the East Terminal that makes a direct route from the capital. You can also do on Route 125 in Chalatenango, turning off at the Lemon.

From invite you to visit the Festival of the hammocks in November and keep this tradition alive.

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