The Lake Suchitlan

Lake or reservoir Cerrón Suchitlán Grande, was formed in the winter of 1976 with the creation of the Hydroelectric of Cerrón Grande in the cause of the Lempa River.

Its name in Nahuatl means “place of flowers”. Although it is an artificial lake, it produces the most electricity in the country. It has an area of 135 km2 and an altitude between 182 and 234 meters above sea level varies depending on time of year.

Learn the history of how it formed this place: The Cerron Grande Reservoir

On its banks are numerous species of aquatic plants, and is also the habitat of many birds and fish. There is an important wildlife, especially fish and waterfowl that lend it an ecological interest. The islands emerged after the construction of the reservoir of Cerrón Grande. The scale and number varies depending on the time of year due to fluctuations in water level height. This territory which houses the water and its banks is owned by CEL and some islands ceded them to MARN for conservation.

The Lake Suchitlan

Because of its importance in fisheries, energy generation and conservation of wildlife, have taken initiatives and management proposals in 2005 was declared a wetland of Cerrón Large for their recovery and promote integrated management and sustainable development of the surrounding municipalities . Suchitlán Lake has become a tourist attraction and source of life for hundreds of thousands of fishermen and villagers in the surrounding pollution although this place has, because sewage flow into it several rivers.

The waters of Lake Suchitlán are an excellent site for those who enjoy fishing, bird watching or want to stroll boat or kayak between nymphs and herons that adorn its waters and in certain months of the year we see migratory birds that rest here before continuing your flight to South America.

You can also ride the ferry “La Luna” that has the capacity to carry 4 vehicles and up to 100 people, is also the only means of transport vehicles are to cross a portion of the lake to another and to shorten distances of several kilometers by land . The cost per person is $ 1 and $ 5 per vehicle. During this walk you can enjoy beautiful flora, fauna and various islands such as Isla los Pájaros, Los Enamorados, El Salitre, El Chaparral, El León, El Burro, Trinidad, El ermitaño etc. The ferry makes its way from San Francisco Lempa in Chalatenango, to Port San Juan in Suchitoto. This port is a modern complex offering water transport services, restaurants, cafes, production and sale of handicrafts and parking. In San Francisco Lempa can find the Tao Tao Restaurant on the shores of the lake.

Between adjacent riparian populations in several neighboring: San Francisco Lempa, San Luis del Carmen, Colima, San Cristobal, Corozal, Platanares, San Juan, Caulote, Pepeistenango and Copapayo.

You can also visit the impressive boat Cerrón download the Large (for about $ 40) walking on the dam and see the vast array of existing plants. You can see the fishing holding the surrounding communities. Across the lake, two kilometers from Puerto San Juan, visit Suchitoto, a city that still has cobblestone streets, a colonial church and Spanish style houses, as in a past century.

One of the most recommended boat rides to the island’s birds lasts an hour and a half, the average capacity of the boats is 15 persons, on this island observe herons, ducks and many other species of migratory and resident birds. Another interesting route is to call Hermit Island, this tour lasts one hour twenty minutes this island there is a teak forest can camp there. The third route is to Hacienda Colima east, tour lasts two hours.

How come?

It has several entrances accessible from the Hacienda Colima, Hacienda Santa Barbara town of Paradise, from the Pueblo San Francisco Lempa, from San Luis del Carmen all in the Department of Chalatenango or can do it from the city of Suchitoto
The lake is located 78 miles north of San Salvador, on the Lempa River. The final part of the reservoir is located between the towns of Potonico, (Chalatenango) and Jutiapa (Cabañas), that dam is 90 meters high, with a length of 800 meters with a concrete spillway gates and 4 house surface and is machine which produces electrical energy by water discharges.

Give yourself a pleasant break with his family to this magical corner of El Salvador.

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